How to create an account ?

To get you started on majelan, you first need to create an account. Anyone can create an account: signing up is free. If you want to subscribe to premium, you need to create your account first. 

Urgh, why do I need an account in order to use the app?

  • It allows us to personalize your experience with dedicated recommendations based on your listening habits and activity on the app (eg: subscriptions, search queries, selected categories, listening history...). 
  • It helps us share meaningful anonymized listening data to content creators. With the data, they can understand their audience and see which content performs better. At majelan, we hope this will allow them to go the extra mile and produce content you will enjoy even more 🥰

How can I sign up on majelan?

  1. You can either sign up on our website or create your account directly in the app once you downloaded it. 
  2. To create an account on majelan you have two options, pick the one you prefer: 
    • Sign up with an email address: you will have to choose a password and share with us your firstname and birthdate.
    • Sign up with your Facebook account: this will automatically log you on majelan through your Facebook account. Hence you won't have to create a dedicated majelan account to enjoy the app. 

We are determined to respect your privacy. If you were to sign up with Facebook, we would not post anything on your behalf and will use the minimum data required from your Facebook account to run properly on majelan (that is mostly your email address and firstname, you can see it for yourself once signing up). You can learn more about this topic here:

That's it! 

All set to get started, happy listening 🎧

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