How to delete my majelan account?

⚠️  Deleting your account will permanently erase all your data, including subscriptions, listening history and personalized recommendations. 

💡 If you just want to unsubscribe from majelan+ you can do it directly on your iOS settings or on the Play Store. 

⚠️  You cannot delete your account if you have a current majelan+ subscription. Indeed, you would still be charged by the stores for your subscription... Hence you have to downgrade from majelan+ first in order to deleting your account afterwards. 

If you do want to permanently delete your account, send us an email at [email protected] with the email address linked to your majelan account (or Facebook account, if you're using Facebook connect) and we will do it manually. 

Soon you'll be able to do it yourself from the app, we are working on it. 

Come back anytime and keep listening to some great audio stories 🎧

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