Why and how to download content?

While streaming audio content works perfectly fine and usually doesn't impact the sound quality, downloads can be useful in specific off-line situation such as underground public transportation, planes or in the middle of the ocean 🏝

We automatically take care of downloading for you:

  • The latest episode of the shows you subscribed to.
  • All the episodes of the majelan playlists you subscribed to. 
  • All the episodes in your listening queue. 

Downloads are automatically deleted after play. You can edit your automatic downloads preferences in the settings. Go to Library > Settings > Downloads. 

You can also choose to download manually anytime: 

  • a specific episode 
  • a whole show 
  • a whole majelan playlist

Click on the the "three dots" button on the right side of the desired content and choose "Download". It will be stored in your library under the dedicated section "downloaded episodes". 

That's it! Make audio great again, anywhere, anytime (even on an island in the middle of the ocean). 

Happy listening 🎧

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