I'm a creator, what happened to my podcast?

Starting 7 July 2020, the new majelan application no longer aggregates and broadcasts podcasts available via RSS feeds. Your podcast is therefore no longer available on the new majelan platform and can no longer be listened to on the old one whose service is suspended.

Why this choice?    
Since our launch in 2019, we have been relying on a very open application with the conviction that technology can and must be at the service of content. This is still majelan's DNA, but today we want to offer our listeners with a global listening experience that is more focused and engaged, closer to our core values and to the topics that our community has been embracing since our launch. This new version of majelan is therefore entirely designed around personal growth.  Also, by moving to a 100% sunscription offer, we hope to create a virtuous model for all the content creators and talents with whom we will collaborate as well as our entire ecosystem.
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