What makes majelan different from other podcast apps?

If you enjoy listening to audio content, you might be wondering why you should use majelan rather than another app 🤔 Well you are at the right spot, here is what we got to say about this:

Obviously, majelan covers the basics of a good listening experience:

  • Sign up for free on the app.
  • Find all your favorite shows and creators.
  • Subscribe to them to get updates on the latest episodes.
  • Download your episodes and never mind about reception again, even in underground public transportation.
  • Add episodes to your listening queue and enjoy them without interruption.
💪🏽 But we don't stop here! Here is how majelan goes the extra mile (and why you should give it a try):  
  • Discover top trending audio stories on our homepage.
  • Browse for new shows based on topics you enjoy. 
  • Make sure you find the right content using our advanced language and duration filters. 
  • Explore majelan playlists: hundreds of playlists hand-picked by our editorial team to best suit your interests and listening moods.
  • Enjoy personalized recommendations in our “For you” section. The more you play on majelan, the more we will be able to match your interests and suggest content for you to enjoy.
  • Interact live with the shows and send reactions to the creators.
  • Discover majelan studio: our exclusive in-house audio stories for kids and adults. 

Experience majelan: enriched moments for all, anytime, anywhere.

Welcome on board 🙌🏽

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