What is majelan+?

majelan+ is at the core of our vision for audio 😍

We aim at enriching one's life with audio stories that suit anytime, anywhere.
Forget those boring commutes, house chores and lonely trips to the supermarket: we got you covered!

Now "majelan+" stand for two types of content (for now available in French only - we'll keep you posted on this): 

  • majelan studio in-house audio productions: we have our own studios and have many shows coming up with different durations, topics and hosts. 
  • Exclusive external content produced by creators and available only on majelan for a period of time 

majelan+ is accessible for a monthly subscription of €4.99 per month. 

majelan studio in-house productions are also available for single purchase on the app for €1.99 per show.

Give it a try, unlock your majelan+ one-week free trial and see it for yourself!
Happy listening 🎧

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