How to subscribe to a show?

If you are here, you might have started listening to some content you enjoy on majelan. Good for you! 🙌🏽 

How about going the extra mile? Here are four reasons why you should subscribe to shows and collections you love on majelan, rather than simply listening to them:

  1. No more browsing, find all you favorite shows stored in your "Library" under "My subscriptions". 
  2. Catch up on all your subscriptions' latest episodes directly from the "Home" or "New episodes" in your "Library". 
  3. For convenience, your subscription's latest episodes are automatically downloaded (for you to listen in the underground for instance). The download will be cleared off when you finished listening to the episode. 
  4. Providing you opted-in for it, get notified on your mobile whenever new episodes are available.

Convinced? Here is how you can subscribe now:

  • Search for any show 
  • Under the cover, click on the right on the "Subscribe" button

That's it! You're all set. 
Enjoy your subscriptions 🎧

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