Do you offer discounted or shared plans for majelan+?

Thank you for your interest in upgrading to majelan+. 

We currently offer a one-week free trial to any user majelan+ user! That leaves you time to try it for yourself. 

Aside from that, we  do not have any specific discounted plan nor shared plans with multiple users.                       

Taking into account that most of the app's features are accessible for free, we believe €4.99€ per month is a fair price for you to enjoy unlimited access to an enhanced audio experience with majelan studio productions & exclusive content. 

You also have the choice to buy single audio productions from majelan studio on the app for €1.99 per show. Check it out on the app under the "majelan+" tab.

Feel free to try the one-week majelan+ trial to try it for yourself. 
Happy listening 🎧

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