Can I share content outside majelan?

Who doesn't like to share great content with one's friends? 

In order to launch asap and make audio great again, we had to make some hard choices. Hence, we do not offer yet any options to share content outside majelan.

Don't worry, we know it is really important (we are heavy sharing-people) and our team is working very hard on new cool features for you to be able to:

  • Share content directly on your favorite platforms: messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter...
  • Allow your friends to directly play an extract of the shared content without having to sign up on majelan 

If you signed up on majelan, we will keep you updated as soon as sharing features are available. 

In the meawhile, a good old screenshot does the trick 😅 Simply take a screenshot of an episode, show or playlist you liked and send it over to your friends. Sharing is caring!

Happy listening 🎧

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