Play next: how does the listening queue work?

What is the waiting queue?

It allows you to store the next episodes you would like to listen to after your current play. Unlike a playlist, the episodes are automatically removed after play. 

Why would I use it for?

If you have a specific period of time available ahead of you for audio listening - for instance your daily commute to work, you could plan and pick ahed the content you would like to listen to. 

This would allow you not to be interrupted and having to look for your phone every time you want to play something next. It can be convenient - we are all quite lazy - and safe - if you're on your bike, better not touch that phone 🤕

How can I add content to Play Next?

  • From a show, episode or playlist page:
  1. Open the page 
  2. Click on the "..." on the right side of the "play" button
  3. Click on "Play Next": the content is successfully added.

How can I look at and/or edit my playing queue?

  • From the player:
  1. Play an episode
  2. Expand the player full-screen by double clicking on it
  3. Click on the "play next" button to open the queue
  4. You are now in the waiting queue: you can see what's playing next, you may want to arrange the list, or re-order it. Click on the upper-right corner on "Modify" and drag and drop manually the episodes to where you want in the list. 

Happy listening 🎧

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