How can I discover content I like?

Facilitating discovery is at the core of our vision for audio 😍 

We aim at enriching one's life with audio stories that suit anytime, anywhere. Forget those boring commutes, house chores and lonely trips to the supermarket: we got you covered! 

On majelan, you have many ways to discover something interesting to listen to:

  • Explore majelan playlists: hundreds of playlists hand-picked by our editorial team to best suit your interests and listening moods. 👉🏽 On the menu bar, click on "Home" and scroll down looking for majelan playlists. 
  • Enjoy personalized recommendations in our “For you” section. The more you play on majelan, the more we will be able to match your interests and suggest content for you to enjoy. 👉🏽 On the menu bar, click on "For you" and scroll down to see all our suggestions. 
  • Browse for new shows based on topics you enjoy 👉🏽 On the menu bar, click on "Search" and scroll down the categories. 
  • Make sure you find the right content for the right moment using our language and duration filters 👉🏽 On the menu bar, click on "Search" and open the "Advanced filters". 

🌟 In addition for our majelan+ users only:

  • Discover majelan studio: hours of in-house audio creations covering different durations, topics and hosts. 
  • Enjoy exclusive external content produced by creators and available only on majelan+ for a period of time. 

majelan+ is a monthly subscription of €4.99 / month. 

Have a look, try our one-week free trial today, cancel anytime

Happy listening 🎧

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