Report offensive and/or illegal content

⚠️ If you find some content on majelan that is offensive or infringes copyright, you can report it on the app, eg: an episode, a show, a show's image cover...

We take your feedback very seriously and our team will take a look at it as soon as we receive it. 

Here are the steps to report content:

  • From an episode or a show's page, click on the "..." on the right side of the "play" button
  • Click on "Report content" and pick a reason: "the content is offensive", "the content belongs to me" or "other" 
  • It will open your email sender with a pre-filled email with the report: add additional comment or just click "Send" 

Thank you for your help, hopefully you won't need to reporting anything 🙏

Please be aware that any abuse of the reporting process can result in the termination of your majelan account.

Make audio listening great again 🎧

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