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Facilitating the discovery of new content is at the core of our vision for audio. The goods news is there are hundred of thousands of great shows out there in many different languages waiting to be listened to  🇪🇸🇫🇷🇧🇷🇮🇹🇧🇪🇺🇸 

We want to help you make the most of it: how does commuting to work in French or going to the supermarket in Spanish sound like? 🤓

At majelan, we allow you to manage your language preferences in two ways:

1. Navigation in the app: 

  • As of today, the app is available both in French & English. By default, the application's interface language matches your device's language. eg: if your phone is in English or any other language that is not French, you'll get the app in English, if your phone is in French you'll get it in French. 
  • Once you downloaded the app, you can always switch the application's language to get all the menu and in-app information in either French or English. 
  • Stay tuned, more languages could be added soon...

2. Personalized recommendations: 

  • While you can browse shows in any languages you would like, you may have noticed the existence of a "For you" section on the app. It stores all your personalized recommendations based on your listening habits and activity on the app. 
  • By default, you get listening recommendations in the language of your app (that would be either French or English, based on your device's default language). If you want to receive recommendations in several languages, or only in one language (that can be different from your app's language) you can manage all of it in your settings. 

How to manage your language preferences? 

  1. Open the app
  2. Go the "Library"
  3. Click on the "Settings" button on the upper-left corner
  4. Scroll down to "Languages" 
  5. Click on languages and choose any option you would like to edit between "Application language" and "Content language" 

Happy multilingual listening 🎧

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