Use of Facebook data

At majelan, we want to give you the best possible experience to ensure that you enjoy your audio stories. 

Part of this involves allowing you to login easily with your Facebook account. This avoids you creating yet another account and password (we are the first to forget all our passwords...) 

When login in with Facebook connect, we ask and may collect from your account (if you grant us the permission): 

  • your name (we like to call you by your name)
  • your email address (mandatory to use the app)
  • your birthdate (majelan is only accessible to users of +16 of age).

That's it! We do not publish anything on your behalf on Facebook, nor we collect your Friends list.

💡 Good to know: all the personalized recommendations you get on majelan are only based on your listenings and activity on the app (eg: subscriptions, search queries, selected categories...). None of them are derived from you Facebook activity (actually we do not even have access to it as you can see in the authorizations you grant us during the Facebook connect). 

Data privacy and security are a serious matter - please be assured that we it very seriously. 

Happy listening 🎧

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