How does the player work?

Once you launch an episode, you can just seat back and enjoy your journey 🌴 

Yet, it can be useful to grasp how you can make the most of the player to optimize each of your listening moments.

Depending on your mood and needs, you can use and access the player in different ways:

  • The locked screen player: whenever you lock your phone's screen while listening to something, perfect if you're on the go and just want a quick access to the episode's skip backward or forward buttons. 
  • The mini player: by default, useful if you want to keep browsing or reading stuff on the app while listening. You can just use play/pause and fast forward by 30 seconds. 
  • The full-screen player: tap on the mini player to expand, great if you want to deep dive into the episode's notes, options and/or listening settings.

Here are all the features you can use while listening with the full-screen player:

  • Exit full-screen: exit full-screen mode and go back to mini player.
  • Playback speed: play faster or slower. 
  • Backward & Forward: fast forward 30 sd or backward 15 sd. 
  • Listening on: switch between available devices, eg: phone, headphones
  • Description: read the episode's notes provided by the creator. 
  • Reactions:  interact with the episode during your listening by sending reactions to the creator. It can help creators produce better episodes. You can use as many emojis as you would like. Learn more about reactions here.
  • Up next: see what's playing next in your listening queue. 
  • Options: clicking on the "..." you have several options : 
    • Sleep timer: tap a menu item to select the length of time to play the episode. It will play as usual, but will stop playing at the point in time you selected. Sleep well.
    • Download: download the episode 
    • Play next: add the episode to your listening queue. Learn more about the listening queue here.
    • Go to the show: go the show's page 
    • Report content: if you find some content on majelan that is offensive or infringes copyright, you can report it. See more on offensive content here.

All set!
Happy listening 🎧

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