What is "For You"?

The "For you" section is where you find all your personalized recommendations on majelan.

If you love audio stories, you certainly know how hard it can be to discover new content you might enjoy. Once you're done with your friends suggestions, you can get frustrated pretty quickly. 

On majelan, we built an entire section of the app dedicated to personalized recommendations. To make things even simpler, we made it accessible right from the menu bar and called it: "For you". 

  • In "For you", you will find a selection of shows you might enjoy based on your listenings. 
  • You can scroll the page to find the perfect one to fit your mood. 
  • The more you will use majelan to listen to audio stories, the more "For you" will become personalized. We will keep on learning from your preferences to keep it always relevant. 

How does it work? How do you know what I like ? Do you take my data from Facebook ?

We want you to discover new content you might like. Hence, all the suggestions you get on majelan are solely based on your listenings and activity on the app. Among other things, our algorithm takes into account:

  • Your subscriptions
  • Your search queries
  • Your most listened topics / categories 
  • Your listening history
  • Your preferred duration of content
  • ...

⚠ Important: even if you log in with your Facebook account,  none of the recommendations are derived from your Facebook activity (actually we do not even have access to it as you can see in the authorizations you grant us during the Facebook connect). Learn more about how we use Facebook data here and our legal vision here.

💡 Good to know: by default, you get recommendations in the language of your app (that would be either French or English, based on your device's language). If you want to receive recommendations in several languages, or only in one language (that can be different from your app's language) you can manage your preferences in your Settings. 

How to manage your language preferences? 

  1. Open the app
  2. Go the "Library"
  3. Click on the "Settings" button on the upper-left corner
  4. Scroll down to "Languages" 
  5. Click on "Content language" and choose any option you would like to edit. 

Happy listening 🎧

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