What is the "Library"?

While at majelan we are very into audio discovery 🔎 we also like to keep things organized. 

We designed our "Library" as the ultimate go-to section to find everything you saved, listened and/or subscribed to. 

Here you can:

  • Resume current playback in "Resume": even though you started several episodes and never finished them, you can choose any you would like to pick up on. 
  • Discover your subscriptions' latest episodes under "New episodes"
  • Retrieve your subscribed shows under "My subscriptions"
  • Listen to your downloaded episodes without internet connection under "Downloaded episodes"

⚙️ Good to know: click on the upper-right corner of your "Library" to access all of your app's settings, eg: manage languages, notifications, change personal details... 

Within each section of the "Library", you can sort things the way you like it: 

  • By episode's title from A to Z
  • By episode's title from Z to A
  • From the oldest episode to the most recent
  • From the most recent episode to the oldest

Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on this and give us feedback by contacting us. The library, and the whole app itself, is a constant work in progress with you, audio lovers.

Happy listening 🎧

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