How can I add my podcast on majelan?

Think of majelan as an audio directory. It is as simple as that. 

How does majelan work for creators?

  • We aggregate podcasts from public open RSS feeds. It will typically show up in majelan within a few days.
  • We do not re-host your files: all your content stays on your servers, with your own URLs, and our users can download your content from there. 
  • We respect your content: we do not interfere with your episode's notes, external links, episode covers... We like it your way. 
  • We respect your stats: we do not break your statistics and/or ad-revenues - we are aware producing great audio content is hard work and are respectful of every business model. However, you can get additional insights from us. Check out our other article to learn more about the data you can get from majelan. 

Ok got, it, so what do I have to do to include my podcast on majelan?

  • Nothing! If you already have a public open RSS feed hosted somewhere, then there’s no separate submission process to be included in majelan. It will typically show up in majelan within a few days.
  • You do not have terms of service to agree to as you stay 100% in control of your content's rights and distribution.

What if I can't find my podcast on majelan, what should I do? 

  • Send us your RSS feed by email or DM and we will add it to our directory. It will show up on the app under 24h. 

That's it!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Julia, our Head of Community, for any question you might have! Our whole team, and especially Julia, are here for you.  

Happy podcasting 🎧

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