How does majelan work for creators?

Dear creators, welcome to your home 🏠
At majelan, we have two key ambitions: 
  1. to democratize the listening of audio content 
  2. to allow creators to develop their creations.

We are currently working to develop the best tools and benefits for you. 

Here are some of the most common questions we got from some of you so far - and the best answers we have in stock:

  • What's the majelan offer? We offer two separate offers on the application. The free part is an RSS feed directory that allows the discovery of content accessible to all, and aggregates a diversity of multilingual content from independent creators, production studios, radio stations, etc. The paid catalogue, majelan+, gives access to original, exclusive or exceptional content by subscription or single purchase. 
  • Does majelan host the free content? We do not host any content on the free part. It is simply a RSS feeds directory that are referenced on the application, as it is the case on other listening platforms.
  • What is the point of being referenced on majelan? Being present on our platform allows you to reach a new audience by promoting your creations. Our second ambition is to facilitate the monetization of content. To do this, we are committed to sharing audience data with creators to improve their attractiveness for brands, advertising agencies or agencies that want to link advertising to content. 
  • How are the contents promoted? Your creations are promoted on the application's home page by editorial recommendations and the creation of thematic playlists-discovery. We have also developed a personalized recommendation algorithm, and we have created more than 60 content categories and our own search engine to facilitate the discovery and access to French language content. 
  • What data will creators have access to? Very quickly, we will be able to share quantitative data (number of listeners, downloads, completion rates, market share on your topic...) and qualitative data (keywords entered to find your content, demographic data, audience listening habits...). You will be able to find them directly from your creator profile. This data is a way for you to monetize your creations with an advertising model. 
  • As a creator, how can I distribute content on majelan+? If you are interested in bringing a new concept or format to life, and/or testing a new monetization method, you can respond to our calls for projects or discuss them with Julia who will redirect you to the appropriate production teams. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Julia, our Head of Community, for any question you might have! Our whole team, and especially Julia, are here for you.  

Happy podcasting 🎧

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