What data will creators have access to?

Dear creators, welcome to your home 🏠
At majelan, we have two key ambitions: 
  1. to democratize the listening of audio content 
  2. to allow creators to develop their creations.

We are currently working to develop the best tools and benefits for you. 

💻 Regarding data, very quickly we will be able to share with you:

  • Quantitative data: number of listeners, downloads, completion rates, market share on your topic... 
  • Qualitative data: keywords entered to find your content, demographic data, audience listening habits... 

You will be able to find them directly from your creator profile. This data is a way for you to monetize your creations with an advertising model. 

Learn more about our vision and things we are doing for creators here: https://support.majelan.com/article/66-how-does-majelan-work-for-creators

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Julia, our Head of Community, for any question you might have! Our whole team, and especially Julia, are here for you.  

Happy podcasting 🎧

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